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NYS 75-Hour Salesperson Rolling Course – Pass & Pay MVP Package (RVC18)

Rockville Centre, New York

Location: 450 Sunrise Highway Suite #102, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

The “Pass & Pay” Package:

There are no Sign-Up Fee, Registration Fees or Obligations, once you have started the course.

  1. Sign Up For Free With The “No Book” Option or Purchase The “eBook“.
  2. Complete All 20 Classes (SP01-SP20)*
  3. Take & Pass The School Exam*
  4. Purchase Your “Certificate of Completion” ($400)*
*Complete All 20 ClassesStudents have Sixty Day’s (60) to complete the NYS 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Custom Course Real Estate Salesperson School Exam. The Sixty-day (60) countdown begins on the first day of your first class, NOT at the time of registration. At the end of the Sixty-Days (60), students will have the option of purchasing the Pay-2-Play Package upfront and continuing to complete the remaining classes or forfeit any previous classes taken and start over.  
*School Exam – You get 1 (One) attempt at the School Exam included in the “Pass & Pay” Package. In the event that you do not pass and have to repeat the School Exam, a $50 Fee will be required.
*Certificate of Completion – Should you decide to not complete the course, leave in the middle, or not purchase the “Certificate of Completion” at the end of your course, you are NOT obligated or responsible to pay for any of the Classes and or the School Exam (included in your package) that you have taken. The “Certificate of Completion” is what the New York State Department of State (NYS DOS) requires as evidence of completing the NYS 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course

The Real Estate Salesperson
Custom Course:

Acquiring your Real Estate Salesperson License requires taking and passing the 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course, School, & State Exams.

NYS 75-Hour Salesperson Course: Leap EDU has broken all 75-Hours into 20 convenient modules, Each module is specific to its topic and spans anywhere from 3-4 hours in length. Although classes are titled “SP1” through “SP20”, none of these classes need to be taken in sequential order or are prerequisites in order to move on to the next module,  making it even easier to complete the course at your own pace. 

Leap EDU School ExamThe School Exam is administered by Leap EDU upon completion of all modules, and scheduled with the Instructor. A passing grade of 65% is required in order to acquire and purchase the Certificate of Completion. One (1) attempt at the School Exam is included in the “Pass & Pay” Package. In the event that you have not passed the School Exam, a $50 Fee will be required for any more attempts.

New York State Exam: The State Exam is administered by the NYS DOS at an aproved testing center (Found Here). A $15 fee is required for every attempt at the State Exam and is to be paid to the NYS DOS throught the E-Access portal. A passing grade of 70% is required by the New Your State Department of State (NYS DOS).

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