Leap EDU & Our Partners Are Taking An Initiative And Putting Our Future First.

The S2S program is providing any and all High School Seniors with a chance to acquire their Real Estate license and a career if college isn't an option.

Our Goal:

  • Get As Many HS Seniors Pre-Licensed
  • Provide HS Seniors With A Career Option
  • Keep Students Focused In & Out of School
  • Provide Motivation For Kids To Complete High School
  • Offer Weekend Internships
  • Offer Summer Internships
  • Provide Real Estate Brokerages A Constant Stream of Salespeople

The 1st After School Program to Guaranteed Job Placement.

Leap EDU has partnered up with various sponsors and Real Estate Brokerages to Pre License and provide High School Seniors with guaranteed job placement

Benefits For High Schools & Students:

  • Provide Extra Curricular Program
  • Provides An Alternative Track After HS
  • Real Life Experience
  • Social Skills Expanded
  • Networking Skills Expanded
  • Offer Summer Internships
  • Guaranteed Job Placement

Details & Information

The 1st S2S Program location will be held in none other than Brooklyn, NY.

Joel Braverman High School
1609 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230
October 2nd - December 28th

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"How Do I Sign Up?"

Registration Is Simple!

Simply add the Course to your and Checkout!
Since the S2S Program is Free, No Credit Card or Purchase is necessary! Proceed to Checkout and Save The Date!