Salesperson Custom Course

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The Real Estate Salesperson Custom Course

"The Real Estate Salesperson Custom Course is designed for the student who requires a flexible schedule."

Life is unpredictable and committing to a specific schedule can be hectic and sometimes lack motivation to start a new career, this is why Leap EDU has designed the Real Estate Salesperson Custom Course. Starting a new career is exciting and Leap EDU wants to keep that excitement going with an easy and convenient schedule.

Acquiring your Real Estate Salesperson License requires taking and passing the 75-Hour Real Estate Salesperson Course, School and State Exams. Leap EDU has broken all 75-Hours in to 20 convenient classes, Each class specific to its topic and span anywhere from 3-4 hours in length. Although class are titled “SP1” through “SP20”, none of these classes need to be taken in sequential order, making it even easier to complete the course at your own pace.